Secret to worry free


Are you worrying about your job, your family and what is gonna happen tomorrow?  There are 5 worry-free secrets for you to make a change that set you free.

  1.  Stop comparing – Most worries come from illusive comparison, for example comparing to people next to you, your colleague, your family, or an imaginative opponent who is not really competing to you.  You may be the only one who care of a competition or a result.  Why give a hard time to yourself to keep competing and worry about it?
  2. Live the “present” moment – forget your past of failure or glory, when you drop your baggage that you have been carrying, it is less worrying.  Enjoy your moment now.   Discover and value what you have around you and explore new surprise ahead and embrace new journey.
  3. Stop jealous others – don’t just look at the bright side of others.  Things always have good and bad sides, a success always come with their reasons.  Instead of seeing what you don’t have the luck to success, you may shift the focus to your oneself to learn to get better and improve yourself.
  4. Take away your coloured glasses – no more perception of others and second guess what other thinks.  In “force of attraction”, it is us who create the expected results.  If you really don’t want the “expected result” happen, think the preferred result and manage the process differently.
  5. Flexibly accept difference – not only accept others’ difference, but also your difference.  In office, family, social life, we are living together in the circle, but we are born and brought up differently, and we are all individuals that make a colourful world (otherwise, everyone and everyday is the same)

In buddhism, every person you meet in life has it’s reason from long way ago.  Value the moment and person you meet, you may find a good reason for someone who teach you to be stronger, wiser and better.

Ultimately, 99% of your worries won’t happen.

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