Parent is a heart and wisdom journey

Advance or retreat

Many times in life, not just parents, we should know how to advance and retreat.

In a relationship of parent-child, we should know when and how to let go.  Our child is not our lifetime possession.

A real story of a retired mom of 57.

If you can’t read Chinese, google translate it.  It worths your time.

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Illustration by Kitty Wong

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Be a potato, an egg or coffee bean while facing big challenge? A fascination life-hack from a chef

In a pot of boiling hot water, different things inside turn into different forms.  A potato turn from hard to soft from inside out.  An egg change from liquid to solid and form an egg shape even without the shell there.  Coffee bean is melted down and dissolved into the water.  It turns plain water into tasteful coffee with it’s aroma.

It’s what also about our attitude facing life change, challenge and difficulty.  How you choose to adapt the change or make a change into your favourable outcome.  How’s that?  Check out the following video.  (the video is in English)