Don’t jump to conclusion too soon.

Life hack:  How many times we mislead ourselves simply because our perception and judgements come in too soon.  Be open and accept difference, you will see more and gain more.  Click to see ten awakening stories. Google translate it if you can’t read chinese.

Don’t jump to conclusion too soon

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If you care about being a “Happy person”….

Things they do differently

#1 Express gratitude 

#2 Cultivate optimism

#3 Avoid over-thinking and social comparison

#4 Practice acts of kindness

#5 Nurture social relationships

#6 Develop strategies for coping

#7 Learn to forgive

#8 Increase flow experiences

#9 Savor life’s joys

#10 Commit to your goals

#11 Practice spirituality

#12 Take care of your body

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