Spend your precious time wisely.

Compared to those spending most time browsing on social media or video games, the ones who spend most time on enhancing oneself’s knowledge, skill or learning new things, you know the different outcome.  Invest quality time on yourself.  You become what you spend time on.  On average, we have around 26,000 days (71 years old) living on the planet, so spend our precious time wisely in everyone day.    See more inspiration at http://www.cheerbox.com.hk

My precious-time drawing.

flower sept 24

Source from My Time is Precious


Respect the difference

The world will be a better place… if everyone respects the difference of other.  And we don’t have to be the same to live in the world together.   See more insights in http://www.cheerbox.com.hk


Avoid these signs in you…..signs of making you poor, mentally and physically!

1/ hesitate to make decision;  2/ procrastination;  3/ never last long in doing things;    4/ afraid of rejection…. therefore not doing/asking;   5/ limit yourself…. by killing your idea before other does;   6/ run away from reality;  7/ always find excuses;  8/ fearness;  9/ refuse to learn!!!

I promised myself to post a new artwork on every post.  

See more drawing at http://www.cheerbox.com   

sept 9 pattern3.jpg

It’s not safe to stay in comfort zone. Get new ideas now.

Sometimes it is easy to follow routine.  But the world is changing fast, it’s not safe to be just the same old you as always.  Be prepared to get on new skill, ideas and set new goals for yourself.

My new drawings with illustration style with PS.  see more at http://www.cheerbox.com.hk

sept 9 pattern2