Not stressed, but blessed!

imagination charm 2.jpg

Life is short.  Why get too stressed.  Focus on how blessed you are.  See more at


Passion in everyday living

My dream is to learn new thing everyday.  It’s easily achievable and it’s an attitude to be passionate in my everyday living.  See more at


How you start your day in the morning?

Rushing into emails, checking on facebook or IG, these may ruin your good start of a day and badly affect your health.  Other mistakes you should avoid like hit the snooze button to gain extra 5 minutes sleep, sleep in shaded dark room, bail out breakfast.  Check out more from this link “Don’t do this mistake in the morning”   Source from WebMD.

My new drawing of “morning charm” – for bright, cheerful and inspiring morning.   See more at



“Swirl Seed” Pen Drawing

flower circle coloured 2flower circle coloured 1

flower circle coloured 3The insignificant tiny idea may grow to become beautiful and elegant only when you keep nurturing it.  Artwork by Kitty Wong.  See more at

Pen drawing and AI