What you do at downtime?

Some say that it’s okay to enjoy downtime with yourself.  Mostly, it may be doing nothing but on the phone browsing, playing mobile game, or watching various Netflix TV shows.

On that, sometimes ago that I measured how much my downtime in a week, and then a month that I spent more those kind of nothing.    Turned out, it was a massive hours of over 20 hours in a week, and over 80 hours a month.  With such, I possible could be able to get a master degree in a year or so.  Therefore, I stopped my every night downtime of computer gaming, and weekend mahjong, and applied for a distance learning MBA in UK.  In next few years, I was back to UK for a week every year for 3 times, studied every nights after work, and took exams.  After a long thesis done, I got my MBA in the 4th year.  It is not a story about getting a master degree….

The point is no one change your world, but only yourself.  The motivation to change can be you find something meaningful, or not meaningful on spending your time on.

In a world of convenience in getting your downtime occupied, swamping yourself with digital socializing, it is easily be loosing your control of time.   When my friend said “why run when you can walk”, I said “why walk when you can run”.  Your energy, passion, or motivation is not always at same level as you want.  When you can learn more, earn more, gain more, I suggest to spend more time in something meaningful to yourself.   If you are a parent, don’t ask your child to keep learning but you have to do it first.

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big flower 40
“Sunflower” linocut and PS.  Artwork by cheerskitty.  Copyright @CheerBox.com



Passion in everyday living

My dream is to learn new thing everyday.  It’s easily achievable and it’s an attitude to be passionate in my everyday living.  See more at http://www.cheerbox.com.hk


Keep you in focus, not falling to pieces…

Inspiration: Give 100% to the most important thing rather than 20% to everything.

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Yin & Yang Zen Flowers Pattern


Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. It exists in everywhere, yet not easy to find.

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6 key moments to keep quiet, you will make a big difference


Knowing how to hold back and keep quiet at the critical moment, you may create a big different result Talking is a capability. Keep quiet is a wisdom.   In our life, it normally takes 2 years to learn talking, but it takes over decades to learn “not to talk”.  Particularly to those extroverts, they have to take conscious effort to stop talking.

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Here are 6 key moments to keep quiet….

1/  when you have asked a question – stop going on with your assumed answers or reasons for asking, on and on.  It shows that you are not asking and not listening.  People don’t care your question.

2/  when you want others to grow – you may be faster and better than others to answer a question or get a job done.  But if you let others, specially your juniors or children, take on the responsibility and answer to question, they will learn to think and grow.  They may surprise you too. 

3/  when you are showing off, not sharing – when you are posting on facebook of your first class travel, luxury dinner, or expensive handbag, it does not feel sharing but feel showing off.   In that case, it’s about time to stop it.  You don’t need to create jealous or envy from others in your life.  

4/  when you are clearly boring people – while you are excitedly talking about your personal interesting stories or special experience, please pay attention to your audience too.    If you see they are bored, please quickly finish your talking.   

5/  when your comments is more about you than the other person – when others are talking about their plan of traveling holidays, dinner to go, the little joys of living, please don’t give out comments in your personal interest or experience that may ruin other’s plan or idea. You may keep the comments to yourself.  Sometimes people just want to share but not asking for advice.      

6/  when in negotiation, your opponent starts debating against itself – in business world, it is clear you have to stop talking in negotiation when your opponents start arguing themselves and weaken their own fight.  But it also applies when the negotiation is with your boyfriend or husband, or even your children.