My new challenge

When size of a drawing is really a matter, here it is my challenge taken in November.  Not bad after Photoshop.  See more at


Passion in everyday living

My dream is to learn new thing everyday.  It’s easily achievable and it’s an attitude to be passionate in my everyday living.  See more at


Exploration of ideas

My recent new drawing took me quite a week to finish.  Inspirations from a few Japanese artists and learnings from St Martins.  It’s satisfying to see “I can do it!”

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Oct 15 kitty v3

Spend your precious time wisely.

Compared to those spending most time browsing on social media or video games, the ones who spend most time on enhancing oneself’s knowledge, skill or learning new things, you know the different outcome.  Invest quality time on yourself.  You become what you spend time on.  On average, we have around 26,000 days (71 years old) living on the planet, so spend our precious time wisely in everyone day.    See more inspiration at

My precious-time drawing.

flower sept 24

Source from My Time is Precious


If you care about being a “Happy person”….

Things they do differently

#1 Express gratitude 

#2 Cultivate optimism

#3 Avoid over-thinking and social comparison

#4 Practice acts of kindness

#5 Nurture social relationships

#6 Develop strategies for coping

#7 Learn to forgive

#8 Increase flow experiences

#9 Savor life’s joys

#10 Commit to your goals

#11 Practice spirituality

#12 Take care of your body

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