What we should stop expecting from others?

like …  agree on everything you said, read your mind, understand you, treat you like how you treated them, be the same person they were before, and the worst…… always love you if you don’t offer your love in the first place…..  Please stop doing any one of them. 

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Avoid these signs in you…..signs of making you poor, mentally and physically!

1/ hesitate to make decision;  2/ procrastination;  3/ never last long in doing things;    4/ afraid of rejection…. therefore not doing/asking;   5/ limit yourself…. by killing your idea before other does;   6/ run away from reality;  7/ always find excuses;  8/ fearness;  9/ refuse to learn!!!

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sept 9 pattern3.jpg

Stay responsive, launch to learn

Don’t over think your idea, launch it and be responsive to learn.   Apply it not only to new product design or business idea, but in life journey too.

An insightful Ted talk – “What can we learn from shortcuts?”

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You attract what you ask for


you have the freedom to be superstar as you are born to be….you create your possibilities when you feel you have…..you visualize your dream, it manifests into reality

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Law of attraction explained by inspiring celebrities

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